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University of Idaho Saxophone Studio

The Lionel Hampton School of Music’s Saxophone Studio is a group of dynamic saxophonists who achieve great success through all of their hard work and ability to adapt to any situation. They are diverse and include (but are not limited to) students who play classical, jazz, double on other instruments, provide leadership and compose. Some students specialize on a specific instrument, but most play the entire family of saxophones before graduating. Many of them have achieved great success during and after their studies at the University of Idaho including competitions and a variety of jobs in music. We are also excited to have Vanessa Sielert, Director of the Lionel Hampton School of Music and University of Idaho Saxophone Studio alumna as a part of our rich saxophone tradition!

At the Lionel Hampton School of Music, there are numerous opportunities for our saxophonists to play and grow as a musician. Since the market is always changing, this atmosphere is perfect for any saxophonist looking to gain experience and knowledge in a number of musical situations. Our studio performs/participates in events such as the LHSOM Jazz Festival, marching band, saxophone quartets, saxophone ensembles, mixed ensembles with saxophone, orchestra, wind ensemble/concert band (some gain experience doubling on other instruments), jazz band, jazz combo, jazz choir, Dancers, Drummers and Dreamers ( a dance/composition show) and many more!

It is common for the UI Saxophone Studio to collaborate with the UI Composition Department. Some of the premieres include performances on campus and around the region for a variety of instrumentations (saxophone quartet, mixed ensembles, trios, etc.)

It is common to have guest artists come in and work with UI saxophone soloists, quartets, jazz groups (LHSOM Jazz Festival) and other ensembles. A few recent artists include Tom Walsh (Indiana University), Scotty Stepp (DePauw University), Vanessa Sielert (University of Idaho), Matt Olson (Furman University), Connie Frigo (University of Georgia), Spc. Robert Ward (US Army Woodwind Quintet), Raaf Hekkema (Calefax – Netherlands).

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